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Medium-term Plan

The azbil Group’s FY2019 medium-term plan

Rationale behind the new medium-term plan

Our business is driven by a dedication to realize safety, comfort, and fulfilment in people’s lives and to contribute to the global environment through the Group philosophy of “human-centered automation”.
As performance metrics, we have set ourselves long-term targets to achieve by 2021, which will mark the 115th year since our founding. We have made progress with the first stage in achieving these targets with our FY2013-2016 medium-term plan. For the second stage we have created a new medium-term plan, which runs for 3 years starting in fiscal 2017. It continues the three key initiatives set out in the previous medium-term plan but includes new vectors for future business growth. And while implementing specific measures to achieve our FY2019 and FY2021 targets, we will strive to build a firm foundation for maintaining a high level of profits in the medium-to-long term.

Fiscal 2019 medium-term plan

  1. Fiscal 2019 targets
  2. Fiscal 2019 targets

    Net sales    270 billion yen
    Operating income      25 billion yen
    ROE          Over  9%

  3. Three fundamental policies
    The azbil Group and what it offers are distinguished by a firm commitment to the philosophy of “human-centered automation”. Just as distinctive is the synergy generated by the Group companies. This serves to vitalize and expand both domestic and overseas businesses, for which purpose we have established the following three policies:
  4. three fundamental policies
    • Being a long-term partner for the customer and the community by offering solutions based on our technologies and products;
    • Taking global operations to the next level by expansion into new regions and a qualitative change of focus; and
    • Being a corporate organization that never stops learning, so that it can continuously grow stronger.

    These three policies will lead the azbil Group to achieve sustainable growth.

    In Japan and overseas we continue to offer global solutions based on our technologies and products. But while taking this global approach, when it comes to implementing policies and measures, what we do is to tailor our products/systems to suit the market characteristics of each region.

  5. Vectors of business expansion
    The Group will develop its business globally, especially in the following areas that have the potential for sustainable growth. And to further this expansion we will actively engage in R&D, capital investment, and in the building of partnerships in Japan and abroad (including M&A).

  6. Corporate governance & CSR management in the azbil Group
    The azbil Group enhances corporate governance continuously, to consistently increase enterprise value by means of highly efficient and transparent management. As a world-class general automation manufacturer, we regard corporate social responsibility as a top management priority. We are committed to “human-centered CSR management” and we implement CSR management to actively contribute to the benefit of all stakeholders.

  7. Returning profits to shareholders
    The azbil Group will continue to treat the return of profits to shareholders as a management priority. Carefully balancing shareholder returns with investment in growth and ensuring a healthy financial foundation, we will implement a well-disciplined capital policy and aim to maintain/enhance enterprise value through the new medium-term plan.