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Management Policies

Leaders' Message

Messages to current and potential investors from Azbil Corporation Chairman of the Board of Directors Seiji Onoki and President and CEO Hirozumi Sone

Medium-term Plan

The azbil Group's medium-term plan (To Corporate Profile)

Interview with the CEO

Azbil Corporation President and CEO Hirozumi Sone has answered to the interview about progress and future plan of the business and etc

Corporate Governance

The azbil Group's approach to corporate governance (To Social Activities)

Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy of Azbil Corporation

Management Members

Board of Directors, Executive Officers, and Corporate Auditors of Azbil Corporation (To Corporate Profile)

Internal Control

Internal control system of the azbil Group

Business Related and Other Risks

Risks that may affect the azbil Group's financial position and business performance

Shareholders' Meeting and Investor Relations

The azbil Group's timely and appropriate disclosure of information, and proactive dialogue